10 reasons I am totally awesome and for once not sarcastic

Erin totally tagged me for this meme. She is the one and only person who has ever tagged me, and seeing as how we are also related, I thought I would comply. Also, she seemed to have good self-esteem results from it, so I think we could always use a boost, right? 

1.     I am a good mom – At least, I think I am. And my husband says that I am. I still have all the normal OMG-I-am-ruining-her-life moments, but overall, I think I am raising a happy, secure, adventurous little girl.

2.     I am loyal – to my job, my employer, my (few) friends, my family. I won’t be walked all over, but I am not the kind of person who will stab you in the back while giving you a hug.

3.     I have a strong work ethic – Like Erin, I work hard, harder than most, and I really care about my job. I often go the extra mile for my Workplace, even when it goes unnoticed. Hubby sometimes thinks I’m crazy for all I do, but I think it’s been noticed and appreciated.

4.     I like taking care of my family – The fact that I bring home a paycheck and still manage to make dinner 90 percent of the time, do the laundry and the ironing and parenting and (some) cleaning makes me very proud. Sometimes it makes me very tired and crabby, but mostly it’s the proud thing.

5.     I am open – to trying new things, hearing new ideas, tasting new food, different schools of thought, different religions, different politics, different ways of doing things. Now, this comes with the caveat that I do have my own strong beliefs that I generally won’t compromise, but I am not going to write you off simply because we disagree.

6.     I am easy to get along with – I get along with 42 of the 43 people in our “group” at work. And the 43rd person doesn’t know I don’t care for her, so I must be doing something right. I’ve always found that it’s easier to get your work done if you don’t make enemies. Even if you really don’t like someone.

7.     I took piano lessons for 14 years – Granted, this is a reach, but I like this about myself on several levels: it shows I can commit to something and continue to improve myself. Also, I like being able to play because it can be a great stress reliever and it impresses people who had no idea I had the skill.

8.     I put my family before myself – I’d rather my daughter or my husband get something new or go someplace cool than me. I’ve got an ulterior motive, really – I just want them to be happy so they will love me and each other more. Does that even make any sense?

9.     I am dependable – If I say I’m going to do something, I do it. I am accountable to myself and my word.

10.  I am kind – at least, I try to be. I have to be pushed pretty hard to be rude or mean or impolite. I always try to make other people feel comfortable, and I like to do nice, anonymous things. 

This was a lot harder than I thought it would be. It took me about 50 minutes to complete (with one bathroom break). I got stumped after #3 and took a long break after #4, then after #6 I started thinking about all the things I don’t like about myself and got depressed. For example: I can be snobby and judgmental. I like things done my way. I tend to get snappy when I’m tired.  See, much easier to go the other way.

 I’m still too shy to tag anyone. But I’d encourage you to try it. You might be surprised.

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6 Responses to 10 reasons I am totally awesome and for once not sarcastic

  1. Skiplovey says:

    With all that good stuff, how could you get depressed? That list looks awesome!

  2. Erin says:

    It took me forever to come up with my list…I was planning it for days! But, it was a good feeling to say “Hey, these are some pretty darn good things about me!”

  3. rimarama says:

    I knew there were many reasons to like you, and now I got ’em in writing!

  4. Hurray!! I think you should print this list and review it every single day especially when you are feeling down.

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