Back to the future circa 1992

Dear Teenaged Me,

You really shouldn’t worry so much. I know you worry all the time about everything from grades to friends to boys, but it really takes up way too much of your time and you should relax because you end up with a high ACT score, have an awesome college experience and marry a great guy who actually changes his speech patterns because you once said you were annoyed by a particular phrase.

Spend more time with Dad, because in your mid-20s he’s going to move to Florida and you’re going to miss him a lot. Also, tell your sister to snap the hell out of it in 2000-2001. You wanted to, but you were scared of her. I think she’d probably have thanked you. And try to get to know your brother as an adult because after he gets married he doesn’t talk to anyone anymore.

Stop trying to be in the popular group. Claire and Betsy don’t care about you and won’t be your friend 10 years from now. Kari and Peri and Angie will still be in your life, though it is peripherally because let’s face it, it’s hard to be hundreds of miles apart and all moms on top of the distance. Also, it is highly probable that Erin Davidson called the cops on you once in college, though you have no proof.

You get nominated for Homecoming Queen, but you don’t win. Remember that it is a huge honor, especially for you, to be nominated.

Stand your ground on the no-alcohol-and-drugs thing, at least until college. You will be very proud of that one day. Also, don’t take that extra nitrous balloon hit at The Pit in 1995. You will regret it.


The Future You

PS Scott, Nick, Dave K., and Dave T. all turn out to be assholes who break your heart. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Also, Chris is a great guy and don’t be so mean to him.

This post is brought to you by the Mom’s Daily Dose Secret Awesome Group of Awesome Blogging Power writer’s challenge. You should totally join. All the kids are doing it.

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4 Responses to Back to the future circa 1992

  1. rimarama says:

    I would have so totally been friends with you in high school.

    I loved the line about the “extra nitrous balloon hit.”


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  3. Marlee says:

    That was funny! I can’t find your email address to invite you to see my flickr photos.

  4. Do you think you would have listened?? I wouldn’t have. I was such a different girl before life intervened. I’m glad things worked out so well!

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