Creating a diversion

Now that that is over with…

Let’s talk about something different. Let’s talk about that yellow-and-black real estate sign that will go up in my front yard on Saturday. I thought the stress of trying to get knocked up and failing, along with the stress of the holidays, the stress of having a husband in grad school and simultaneously studying for the GRE was just not enough for me. Let’s sell our house too!

We just need a better school district. Rachel will not be in kindergarten until 2011 (she just turned four last week), but I’d rather be in a place and settled well before then. Also, we’ve outgrown our house. Hard to believe with just three people, but once you start getting things like four-foot wooden Barbie houses and puppet theaters to add to your kitchen set and baby doll high chair and cradle, all stashed in what used to be called a dining room… Well, you get the idea.

We spent most of December and the break cleaning, repairing, sanding, staining, painting, organizing, de-cluttering and boxing up. Now every evening I cook dinner (without the benefit of fancy appliances like a food processor, mixer or toaster oven – all in storage), clean up from dinner and clean everything. Everything. I have stashed Lysol wipes, cleansers and paper towels in every available spot. I work, cook and clean. I’m like the hired help. I just hope the payoff (pay check?) is worth it.

Though moving is no fun, the idea of having something new, finding a new place for all my things, decorating it the way I want to is, if nothing else, distracting. Explaining the process to a four-year-old, who began boxing up her toys and wondering if we would be taking the dogs with us to the new house the first time we broached the idea with her, is also taking some doing.

Honestly, it’s kind of nice to have something to focus on other than my barren womb and that day’s waking temperature and the consistency of my… you get the idea. So I’m going to have the cleanest, nicest-looking house ever that I can. And it’s going to sell in no time.

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3 Responses to Creating a diversion

  1. mar says:

    Yeah for a new house! Hope yours sells quickly.

  2. Erin says:

    Yay for selling your house! I hope it’s a quick and painless process. It will certainly be more painless than stupid temping and mucus checks. Seriously. I hate that shit. Hate it. Can I say shit on your blog?

  3. Victoria says:

    I’m so excited for you! I wish you the best luck on the house selling part. Have you already found a new place, or are you just starting the whole process?

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