Jet set

We have been living the life of the fabulous and hoi polloi, jetting all about our fair city from one child-themed event to the next. This lifestyle is also known as one adopted by people who get free tickets to a lot of stuff through work. Or one person. My lovely husband.

Wednesday night, after a stunningly nutritious frozen pizza for dinner, we spent the evening with friends at Disney On Ice. R spent the entire first half hour demanding Cinderella, then was fully unsatisfied with the five total minutes the Princess spent on the ice. Ditto The Little Mermaid. Fun was had by all, though R now points to the fact that we do not own, nor has she seen The Incredibles or Toy Story (any incarnation). She also laments the fact that we don’t have Pocahontas or Snow White or The Lion King, though at least her mean parents have put her in situations in which she could watch them at least once.

Last night, we went to an “exclusive opening” for what is being billed as an indoor amusement park. Unfortunately, very little in the area for little kids was working, and many of the games R could play (she loves the one where you shoot the coin onto the different levels of steps) were unplugged as well. But there was free food and R and I got in a couple of rousing games of air hockey. She would occasionally slide the disc into her own goal, which meant I beat her both games. But I wasn’t really trying. I also rode the mini tea cups with her, which was actually okay, despite thinking I was going to puke for the first five minutes.

Tonight is “Parents Night Out” at R’s day care, which means I’ll pick her up at 5, take her home, love on her and feed her. When Dave gets home, we’ll drop her back off at day care and have a few hours of… what? Christmas shopping? Present wrapping? Adult beverage imbibing? A peaceful meal without dropped napkins or silverware or feet caught in chair backs? Oh… the abandon of it all!

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3 Responses to Jet set

  1. fantastic! You are making me feel all bad with all this kiddo goodness going on. We do DO frozen pizza…but then we go to bed. so fun…

  2. Victoria says:

    Sounds like you guys are having fun. Except for the demanding, and the mean parent stuff. That part isn’t so much fun.
    But I’m also thrilled with the Parents’ Night Out deal. Even just a few hours can be so refreshing. Hope you guys have fun!

  3. rimarama says:

    My daughter’s friend’s dad scored tickets to Disney on Ice through his work , too, and they are taking her with them this weekend. But I hadn’t even considered the implications – namely, what you said about R wanting all the other movies they showcase. Ack!

    Have fun at parents’ night out!

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