Down the toilet

So I haven’t talked much about potty training. You might make the assumption that that is because it wasn’t going well, but that wouldn’t be exactly right. I have a confession to make. I hadn’t even really started potty training until about two weeks ago. I didn’t even care that much.

See, R first expressed an interest in the potty more than a year ago. So we bought her the little potty and she started using it. Shortly after that, she developed a terrible bladder infection, and the pediatrician attributed it, at least in part, to pressure to “hold it.” Well, the bladder infection led to a diagnosis of kidney reflux, and eventually of damage to both kidneys (though not major). We were told to back off the potty training.

So we did. And I didn’t care. Even when my mother reminded me she had never had two children in diapers (my sister and I are only 16 months apart) and my mother-in-law just couldn’t understand what the holdup was. What’s the holdup? It was me.

I was partly too lazy to start again, partly afraid of causing another infection, partly wanting to keep the last vestiges of babyhood, to savor the dependence she still had on me.

Now, it’s all gone.

She’s been in panties during the day for more than two weeks now, with mixed success. The first two days were awful, then she went to school and went almost the entire week without an accident (except once during a nap). She was sick one day, and had several #2 accidents another day (by several, I mean four, and I was spraying out the tied-grocery bag full of her underwear in the backyard with the hose on the power-wash setting).

But since then? Not a single accident. Not even during her nap. Saturday, we spent an hour at Lowe’s. While Dave tried to work out a ceiling fan issue, I entertained R with – the potties. She saw one, and was fascinated. She wanted to flush it, then when she saw there was no water, she was on a mission to find a potty with water in it. She searched to no avail, but enjoyed lifting the lids and even sitting on a few for comfort. She was particularly confused by the electronic potty.

She’s getting better at it every day, even stopping her play and going to the bathroom while we were at one of her friend’s houses Saturday afternoon. So she’s certainly not potty trained – we haven’t even started at night yet – but we’re getting there.

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2 Responses to Down the toilet

  1. Mar says:

    Its a step in the right direction! Atta girl R (and mama).

  2. Colleen says:

    Congrats on the big step…I’ve found it to be a blessing and a curse, depending on the situtation. At least I have boys…I think its worse for moms of girls because of the public bathroom-thing. Yuck.

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