My Fall Vacation

R and Mommy, first trip to the ocean. She was doing great, loving it, wading around and picking up shells until a particularly large wave knocked her down and soaked her to the skin. This photo was post-dunking. She wouldn’t get in the water again.

At Butterfly World, before the dramatic meltdown in the lorakeet enclosure, she sprayed Daddy’s face with residual moisture. She loved the butterflies, the fish, the birds and the fact that Grandpa emptied his pockets of change so she could throw it in the water.

And, we went all the way to Florida so she could swing at the park by Grandpa’s house. She did enjoy the “Singing Gate” that we went into and out of at Grandpa’s, and she would dutifully sing a little Dora theme every time we approached it. Except when we were leaving. She was mad and didn’t want to go.

No pictures of Day 2 at Lion Country Safari (forgot to charge the camera battery), but Day 3, spent at the beach, was great fun for all. Aunt Lisa pointed out all the money we saved on microdermabrasion by taking R to the beach. And we had a 1:1,000,000 experience – whilst getting a bucket of water for the doomed moat to surround R’s sand castle (and in which her plastic mermaid could theoretically swim), I managed to catch a fish… in a Barbie bucket… from the ocean. Am very talented and skilled. Considering second career as deep sea fisherwoman.

Aforementioned plastic mermaid tail visible. See also: Silly Face.

R’s first meal on the beach: a hot dog and chips. Dave swears she ingested at least three tablespoons of sand with lunch. He could be right. Doesn’t she look appropriately appreciative of nature’s beauty? Unfortunately, the Juno Beach Pier did not offer her any pelicans, as they had on my two previous visits. Of course she was despondent over the lack of pelicans.

And here we are on the beach, post microdermabrasion and humidity hair frizz. Now you all know I have only one bathing suit that fits appropriately.

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3 Responses to My Fall Vacation

  1. Mar says:

    At least you have one suit that fits unlike *most* people you see on the beach that make you wonder do those people not have a mirror at home?

    Looks like R had a great time. My Granny T always said “God made dirt, and dirt don’t hurt”. Just think of it as a little extra fiber.

  2. Victoria says:

    You two are quite the lovely ladies! I hope the ocean air did you some good (always makes me feel better!) and I’m glad you had a good time.

  3. She’s gorgeous! I’m delighted you had such a lovely vacation!

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