Mother of the year, part three

Hey everybody! Remember this?

Here’s a little visual refresher:

That was July 2007.

Now, July 2008, we have this:


My poor baby had to get stitches Monday after an incident at day care. And what did I do when the call came in? Well, of course I was on the phone with someone very important I’d been trying to talk to for more than a week, so I sent it into my voicemail. And when I saw Dave’s cell phone three minutes later? Same thing. I’m a really good mom.

When I arrived at the emergency room about half an hour later, she looked up at me, all tiny and bloody in the adult-size bed, and said, “Hi Mommy! I hurt my head.” I wanted to gather her in my arms and sob, but knew that would freak her out, so I settled for a breezy, “I see that honey! Does it hurt?”

And when the nurses finally came in to see her, I asked if they needed insurance information. Of course not, they still had it from last time.

So she’s okay, gets her stitches out in the morning and will likely have a small scar for the rest of her life. I took Thursday off work so she wouldn’t have to go to school and watch all the other kids frolic in the sprinklers. And hopefully she won’t remember this a year from now – just like she doesn’t remember the broken collarbone.

She’s still my little fighter. Look at her “strong face.”

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12 Responses to Mother of the year, part three

  1. Erin says:

    I hear she was wearing her, “I do my own stunts” shirt at the time of the incident. At least she has a sense of humor!

  2. skiplovey says:

    That’s a major owie! It hurts just looking at it. Aww poor thing. She seems so brave. What a cutie.

  3. Christina says:

    Oh man, I have a lump in my throat looking at that. Im so sorry. What a strong girl you have! I dont know how you held it together….
    Something is funny about July and injuries? My gf’s daughter fell out of a hammock last 4th and really hurt her face, skinned it and had to have beauty bark removed (OUCH!), this 4th she got stuck on an inflatable slide and broke her arm above her elbow.
    I hope next July is better for both of you!!

  4. Marlee says:

    Poor R! (She looks so little in that 1st picture). Don’t beat yourself up- she is fine, and after a month or 2 you won’t even notice the scar when you look at her.

  5. Marlee says:

    Don’t beat yourself up- she is fine, and after a month or 2 you won’t even notice the scar when you look at her.

    She looks so little in that first picture.

  6. Marlee says:

    Ok let go for 3 comments.. I kept telling me I had a duplicate comment (?) so I changed it a bit and well now you get 3 ;).

  7. Colleen says:

    The scar will TOTALLY go unnoticed after she gets those nose/tongue/eyebrow piercings when she’s in Champaign in batou 15 years…. 🙂

  8. Colleen says:

    batou? What’s that? I meant “about”

  9. Vixen says:

    Don’t feel bad. If you answered the call it wouldn’t have been important, trust me. I bet you will hardly be able to notice the little scar in 10 years. Kid’s skin is so elastic and still growing. All my kids had stitches as runts and only one of them can you see the scar. And that was because she was mauled by a crazy-ass dog.

    Hugs to you and R!

  10. suze says:

    Owie – that looks like it hurt! What a brave little girl you have.

  11. Oy, I had to take my kid into the Urgent care twice within a month or so, once for a dislocated elbow and another time for falling down the stairs.
    I’ll share the mother of the year podium WITH you.

  12. Frema says:

    When I was two, I banged my forehead on the corner of stereo speaker and needed stitches as well. I do have a scar, but it’s small, and I have no memories of the accident. My mom, though, could probably recount every detail. 🙂

    Hope R is doing better now!

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