Pop Quiz, Hot Moms

So you’re at a minor league baseball game with your no-nap toddler, when she poops her diaper. Upon reaching the not-crazy-clean restrooms, you discover:

1. You’ve forgotten to pack wet wipes in the transfer from small diaper bag appropriate for church to large diaper bag appropriate for baseball.

2. The poop is not the solid, easily handled by a paper towel kind. It is the runny, seedy, already crusted-on-her-butt kind.

3. The changing table, on which you have already partially disrobed your child and opened her diaper, has no safety strap.

4. She’s already taken off her shoes and dropped them to the floor.

What do you do?

What I did was disgusting and involved saliva and two extra diapers. And a good cleansing when we got home. I won’t elaborate. It even makes me a little sick to my stomach.

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9 Responses to Pop Quiz, Hot Moms

  1. you might want to elaborate, I have you getting some gross intestinal problem in about a month….

  2. Christina says:

    Yikes- two things come to mind. Dressing her, walking to the sink and making some wet papertowels and going back to the table. OR, keeping her occupied for a few minutes until either a mom with wipes comes, or someone else will get the wet papertowels for you? But, sounds like spitting on her worked too! HEH!

    Hey, any chance you guys are going to the cubs game in Cincy in September??

  3. Sounds like you reverted to your animal instincts (except I’m pretty sure you went the spit instead of lick route). Hey, you did what you had to do! No shame in that game.
    But since you did have two diapers, I would have suggested putting a fresh diaper over the still poopy butt to be able to drag her over to get some wet paper towels and then go clean her up again to put on the last fresh dipe.
    Hindsight is 20/20 right?

  4. Vixen says:

    I am so hoping you went with spitting and not licking, LOL.

  5. Marlee says:

    Once again, just when you think you can;t the true Mommy in you comes out!

  6. Erin says:

    Ewwww. Not fun.

  7. You know what? We’ve all done this kind of thing. Good for you for just doing it – and letting go of your judgment! 🙂

    You rock!

  8. skiplovey says:

    Um ewwwww. and yuck. yuckity yuckity yuck.

    Was there a sink nearby for an impromptu bath?

    I was so not meant to live in the wild.

  9. Swistle says:

    Desperate times, desperate measures. Mother Position Available, Some Spitting Required.

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