At least it forced me to clean it out

Christina showed us all the contents of her purse earlier this week, and I was instantly inspired to try it myself. When Sarah did it too, my fate was sealed.  After all, I wasn’t sure what was in there myself. My bag, purchased in Chinatown in New York City in 2004 (I never said I was an accessories maven), isn’t as big as many these days, but it holds a lot.

Enjoy the lovely painting done by R as the backdrop.

First, the pile off to the left there contains a variety of items I threw away, including approximately 11,000 grocery lists and receipts for Super Target. Interestingly, it also contains a prescription bottle of Naproxin from when I had thumb tendinitis. Expiration date: May 26, 2007. Also in that stack was my plane ticket for my connection from Atlanta to Savannah back in February and a plastic container from the cheese samples R ate at the grocery store on Sunday morning. And all the political paraphernalia acquired before I went in to vote on Tuesday.

The other stack? Beyond the normal cell phone, keys, BlackBerry and wallet, I have the mom staples of fruit snacks, baby wipes, a Sesame Street juice box, hand sanitizer, three suckers, a plastic Boots action figure from R’s second birthday cake and (call me Kelly Ripa) a tide-to-go pen. I also have the woman must-haves: tampon, maxi pad, lip gloss, hand lotion, pens, cough drops, cold medicine, pack of gum, etc.

Among the more random items: wine cork from a dinner in Las Vegas (January 2007), a ticket to the August 5, 2006 baseball game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Milwaukee Brewers at Busch Stadium (R’s first MLB game), three suckers, a press pass to a Barack Obama event in Indianapolis, a Wendy’s gift card from the summer they introduced the Baconater and were cris-crossing the country giving away free hamburgers and they coerced me to put on the Wendy’s wig and pose for a picture that ended up on their Web site all for a lousy $5 gift card and a picture of Dave and I on our first canoeing trip to the Ozarks as we came triumphantly out of a “rapid.”

That’s pretty much me – sentimental and practical all in one. One thing I don’t carry that I wish I did? A little pad of paper. That would really help when I get blog post ideas whilst driving home from work.

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8 Responses to At least it forced me to clean it out

  1. Victoria says:

    Teehee–I’ve always got a notepad in the diaper bag and a pack of notebook paper in the car. Yeah, I’m weird.
    Anyway, to the point: Wow, your purse was full! It’s like a Mary Poppins bag, it’s gotta be. There’s no way all of that fit into that little bag! You had some cool stuff in there though. Much cooler than the stuff I tote around.

  2. Jenna says:

    You are brave for doing that! I’m also wondering how all your goods fit into that purse. One random item in mine is kid socks, and I have no idea why they are in my purse, but they’ve been there more than a few months. Now, if someone asked me to show them what is in my car, that might be really scary!

  3. Christina says:

    Nice! That is a ton of sutff. I think my favorite was the juice box and the expired pills.
    I appreciate that Im not the only one who packs more things for the kid than for myself. At least I dont need any woman products, for now.

  4. Mandy says:

    Loved seeing that I’m not the only one on the cleaning-out-my-purse-between-never-and-eternity. 🙂 Neat idea! I might have to try it sometime.
    Also, I think we have the same kitchen table.
    OH, and adorable painting. Is it the one from the backyard deck sesh?

  5. Mar says:

    Hubs calls my purse my trash can. I am afraid mine would have been 10 times worse.

  6. mmmm purse? I think I have one…. 😉

  7. Victoria says:

    Just wanted to drop in and wish you a happy Mother’s Day. Hope it was a good one!

  8. Erin says:

    I cleaned out my purse in December when some fabulous sister of mine got me a great big snazzy purse (which I love to pieces). I’m afraid to think about what’s hidden in it’s depths. I do, however, have a handy dandy notebook in there for all my blog ideas….trouble is, they never seem to actually get posted.

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