I’ll take abnormal

R is not a normal child. Normal children hug stuffed animals as they drift off to sleep. They have a favorite doll they bring to bed with them each night. While she does have an attachment to a particular blanket, and occasionally asks for her “Baby” to sleep with her, she has quite a different requirement for bedtime  comfort.

Every night, she chooses a book – or three – that must accompany her to bed. They must be placed just so, propped up around her head so she can see the covers. Sometimes, when Dave and I check on her before our own bed time, we’ll find she’s plucked one or more of the books from their arrangement and is either clutching it tightly or sleeping on it awkwardly.

The child loves books. And I think it’s awesome.

We started reading to R the very first night she came home from the hospital, mostly because we wanted to establish a “bed time routine” so she would “sleep through the night” sooner. But it has obviously had other benefits.

Some of my best childhood memories were spent at the library. I remember the pride I felt at getting my first library card – it was orange paper with a metal strip for imprinting on the checkout cards. You couldn’t get one until you could write your name, and I remember practicing and practicing until I could write all those letters (15 total!) at the then-precocious age of 4.

I remember the story lady at the library – she wasn’t very nice and vaguely resembled the Wicked Witch of the West. I remember checking out dozens of Nancy Drew Case Files and even Sweet Valley High books in middle school (blue card) until I graduated to an adult card (yellow) and discovered historical biographies and the Bronte sisters. I remember watching my mother check out the maximum number of books allowed (at the time it was 6) and reading all of them before they were due back.

I want to share all this with R, make her love reading and look forward to library trips like we were going to an amusement park. And I think I might start tomorrow, with her first-ever trip to the library.

Side note: Because some people are asking about the baby, he was born Friday at 5:56 p.m., 6 pounds, 10 ounces of adorableness that I HAVE YET TO SEE. After we were all packed and ready to leave yesterday for Pittsburgh, R came down with a cough and a fever and general malaise (which she has since transmitted to her mother). Not wanting to expose an infant not even out of the womb for a week to those toddler germy germs, I cancelled my trip. We have tentatively rescheduled for the first week in June, when Dave can go with and we can take a trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo like we are grownups with children and families of our own or something. Seriously. How did that happen?

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10 Responses to I’ll take abnormal

  1. Erin says:

    Hey, do you guys have Knuffle Bunny Too, yet? I keep thinking I should send R. a copy, but I wasn’t sure if you had it already!

  2. SadieCass says:

    I love books, too! M loves books, too. She likes to have one with her in bed as well!

    And Nancy Drew! Oh, how I loved them. I know you weren’t required to, but I was so anal I had to read them in order…so whatever I didn’t have I had to go to the library for. I used to ride my bike to the library weekly in the summer. I miss that.

    I’m hoping that M’s early interest will have her reading soon!! With DC having NO interest in reading E and I are thrilled that K is showing some interest. Both E and I are huge readers 🙂

  3. Victoria says:

    That has got to be the coolest bedtime attachment I have ever heard of. And congratulations to your family on the new arrival!

  4. Christina says:

    So sweet. What a great attachement. We read to Nathan everyday, I wonder if he will want to sleep with A light in the Attic one day?
    Thanks for the bebe info- you know I was dying over here. I dont know how you will wait until June- that hurts, I know it. I had to wait 6 weeks to meet my niece, I thought I was going to just explode!

  5. You guys are really great! R. is so lucky to have you both – as you are to have each other and her. She will be such a great older sister! 🙂

  6. Vixen says:

    That is one of the greatest gifts a parent can bestow on a child: a love of reading. Kudos to you for doing such a great job of it.

    Sure would be nice to see a picture of the lovely new addition????

  7. skiplovey says:

    That’s so great that she loves books. Not quite as snuggly as a teddy bear but way more useful later on.
    Congrats on the nephew!

  8. Indygirl says:

    LOVE that attachment. I devour books and am thrilled when I see children picking up that same love.

  9. We have to read about a zillion books before bed every night ourselves…sometimes it makes me wish our kid wasn’t so literary. Kidding. I love it too.
    And the library ROCKS! We go almost every week.

  10. Mandy says:

    OOooh, yes. The library. Love it.
    My youngest falls asleep surrounded by books every night too. She’s not so particular about her placement of them, but when we go in to check on her, she will sometimes just be buried under them. It’s so cute. I love that she is like that. We just wonder about spooning a hard object sometimes. Ouch. Wouldn’t a snuggle bear be a bit more comfortable? 🙂

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