Up to the highest height

Zoot posted today about her experience flying a kite with the kids. Dave, R and I all took her Dora kite (from the Easter bunny) out for a spin on a recently blustery Indiana day. And she’s still talking about it.

I stupidly let a two-year-old hold the kite string all by herself. Dave said, “If she lets go of that, it’s gone.” It was that windy. Seconds after this photo, I was running across the soggy soccer fields, chasing the kite that eventually landed in the middle of a rather touching father-daughter-son soccer game. Awesome.

Daddy is much smarter with the kite string. But not so smart with the sucker. Her hair was soooo sticky after this.

She liked to look at it for awhile. Then she just wanted to go to the playground. Glad I spent $50 on the kite and rush delivery. I mean THE EASTER BUNNY SPENT $50.

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7 Responses to Up to the highest height

  1. Erin says:

    This looks like so much fun! I want to go fly a kite!

  2. Jennifer says:

    This has inspired me to possibly go get a kite, but NOT spend $50!!

  3. Vixen says:

    How funny! We took Ladybug out to fly a kite yesterday. Since my mom is visiting, she bought kites for all the kids, errr, adults so it did cost her over $50. Ladybug was interested for about 5 minutes and then she and I played around the park. The kids, err adults, though had a great time flying kites!

  4. marmagoo says:

    Daddies think they know everything. I too would have let her hold it.

  5. So cute!
    I really need to get a kit too. Pitter is entranced with them. I hear that Walgreens or sporting good stores (maybe Dicks?) have them too.

  6. I love kites. Gosh, what fun. I spent hours and hours flying kites as a kid. What a thrilling experience of freedom. I’m delighted that you gave her the chance to hold the string.

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