Spray, snip, blow dry

You know how sometimes you go into things totally expecting the worst, and then, when the worst doesn’t happen, you are overjoyed? That pretty much describes the hair cut experience.

Dave and I had incredibly low expectations. Every time I had gone at her with the scissors to trim her bangs, or he had tried to calm her bed head in the morning with a spray bottle, or I had offered a blow out before bed, we were met with a universal response: squirming and screaming and general refusal to comply. As you can imagine, we were dreading 4 p.m. last Saturday with a deep, abiding fear.

What happened was pretty much the exact opposite. She played on the slide when we got there, chose to sit in a race car for the cut and sat quietly while stylist Leslie wielded all three things that were previously instruments of torture – spray bottle, scissors, hair dryer – and even smiled prettily for the camera when it was all over. She even let Leslie put a barrette in her hair, which she repeatedly pointed out to me for the rest of the day as “pretty.”

She was so good we immediately took her to a local discount retailer to choose new bedding for her “big girl bed” (a.k.a. the crib with the side taken off). She chose a Dora the Explorer bed set (big surprise) and I picked up some extra sheets – Dora and Diego.

I guess I’ve always known that “kids will surprise you.” And R is well-known for behaving like an angel while out in most public places. But this display… blew my mind. And that’s one thing that has seemed to happen an awful lot since December 28, 2005. She just blows my mind.

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9 Responses to Spray, snip, blow dry

  1. Victoria says:

    She’s so cute! And while most of your posts leave me feeling like she must be older than what she is, this one reminded me of just how young she really is. She’s a beauty, and tell her for me that one of her mommy’s blog buddies thinks her hair is just beautiful!

  2. rimarama says:

    Awe, she looks so cute! You lucky ducks!

  3. Hurray! And what a cute hair cut! Congratulations! She’s really a great kid.

  4. ellinghouse says:

    how awesome! Lucky for you the gal at the kiddie haircut place didn’t butcher your daughters lovely lock like they did mine last time we went….so looks adorable!

  5. Vixen says:

    She looks so adorable. Darn kids always blowing your mind. Over and over for the rest of your life! And best of all? Most times its a good thing!

  6. HEY. They didn’t offer us a picture when we went to CC for Pitter’s cut!

    She looks great.

  7. Mar says:

    R was correct, Pretty, very pretty!

  8. Christina says:

    She is so cute! I cant take it…..
    I am glad she was so great about the cut.
    I can only imagine the internal freak out, potty training, first hair cut, big girl bed? I feel it too. Teeth, food,,, ugh.

  9. Mandy says:

    Aw, so sweet!!!

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