Hippie flashdance

I’m going to guess this was 1979, which would make me about the same age R is now. Among the interesting things about this photograph is how remarkably similar my sister (the one on the left) and I look in it. The similarities continued throughout high school, even into college a little bit. Once, when we were trying on clothes at the mall, the salesgirl kept bringing us each others’ items. She thought we were twins. But now, sometimes people don’t even believe that we are sisters.

Second, R looks a lot like me at that age, though it looks like my mom tried to flat iron and then feather my hair. The 70s rocked the house.

Third, I love the blouses. The mother-daughter-matching-vibe doesn’t really jazz me up, but I wish I had that little top for R. She would look adorable, especially with the addition of a cute kerchief for her head. My hippie husband would LOVE it.

Fourth, my knees are all scraped up in this JC Penney special. Why? I don’t know. My mom can’t remember.

Fifth – my mom had highlights? What?

Finally – We are taking R to get her first (and long overdue) haircut tomorrow. Will she allow the stylist near her head? Will she require a parent to hold her? Will she be enchanted and enthralled by the snacks/juice/toys/movies they will offer? Will Mommy cry at the loss of the baby curls and sweet, soft blonde locks? Tune in next week…

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5 Responses to Hippie flashdance

  1. vixensden says:

    Damn cute picture, skinned knees and all. The blouse is fabulous.

    Ahh, the first haircut. I remember that. In fact, I was gazing at Nannygoat’s locks just the other day. Why do mother’s keep 24 year old hair locks? When you say it out loud it sounds weird.

  2. Victoria says:

    The three of you are just beautiful in that picture. And you really do look like your sis! And the blouses are great. Actually, I wish I had one too!

  3. Christina says:

    Oh goodness! A real haircut. How fun and sad all at the same time. I cant wait for pictures and the full report.
    I think its funny that we are both very close with our sisters and look so alike! Heidi’s kids think I am her the first 20 minutes of every visit( they are several months apart mind you), they get so dang confused and they are coming up on age 2 and 4. Mommy? Connor asked, holding my face to examine me. No, sweetie, Auntie. OHHHHH! He sighs releif and hugs me. What a huge perk! I hope her baby feels that close to you in a year or two:)

  4. marmagoo says:

    Ah the first haircut, Noodle had so much hair she needed one at about 4 months!! Can’t wait to see R’s new “do”.

  5. Hurray for real haircuts! 🙂 How exciting that our little girl is growing into a fine young girl. Watch out world! I haven’t read in a while – but any news on a new cyber nephew or niece?

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