Ready for summer

I think she’s a little sick of the cold too.


 That’s all.

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8 Responses to Ready for summer

  1. ellinghouse says:

    we went on a walk today and looked quite similar to you! Nothing wrong with the warm coat and shades!!!

  2. derekandmandy says:

    Talk about kids with cabin fever!
    I hear ya~
    My oldest wants to know every. single. day. if she can ride her bike with the kids, please? (down our cul-de-sac). Or if today she can wear her Crocs? Or shorts? PLEASE Mom?! Shorts TODAY?! ha ha! Um. Not quite yet.
    Adorable shades, man! 🙂 I love that you can catch a glimpse of the pretty blue sky and fluffy white clouds in the reflection.

  3. marmagoo says:

    A little movie star in the making maybe??

  4. We are so ready for the warm weather that I’ve gone insane. I actually think that taking my boys to the park in nothing but light jackets will make God feel sorry for me and turn up the dang thermostat already! Guess what!! He doesn’t. 😦
    Adorable picture though!

  5. skiplovey says:

    Oh my that is too cute.

    I’m not ready for summer. We barely get a winter over here in Los Angeles so 98 degree weather can wait. But feel free to take our hot weather off our hands for awhile.

  6. Victoria says:

    She’s so cute! I hope it warms up soon for you guys.

  7. vixensden says:

    That smile could melt someone. It’s dangerous and should be used sparingly on me!

  8. Indygirl says:


    I can relate.

    This weekend. 60s. Cross your fingers.

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