Elmo makes music … and Mommy tears

Well, we went to see this on Saturday. And suffice it to say that taking a toddler to a theater production of dancing characters she is only ¾-jazzed about is not the best way to spend a Saturday morning.

Inevitably, she will want to leave your $100 seats in the middle of the row shortly after intermission. And also inevitably, once you finally exit the theater, pissing off four other families and their equally fussy toddlers as you mumble “Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, so sorry, so sorry” and trip your way to the aisle, you will make your way out of the theater and to the outside door representing freedom and McDonald’s French fries in your near future, your toddler will whine, “GO BACK IN. MOMMY! DADDY! GO BACK IN!!!!”

You will stare at your spouse with blank, helpless looks for a moment, before turning back around and dragging the toddler, diaper bag and Mommy purse back into the theater and claiming a few seats in the back, where the toddler can stand on your lap and dance along to the singing Elmo and Cookie Monster that mere moments before were the bane of her existence, requiring her to scream “GO HOME NOW” at the top of her little lungs whilst flailing about on the sticky floor.

But for all the hassle and the tantrums and the $8 Elmo balloon, I still found myself getting all teary and emotional, especially when R was really enjoying herself. I get that way a lot: Christmas morning, her birthday, Easter egg hunts, the fall festival… It’s happy tears. And they, too, are inevitable.

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9 Responses to Elmo makes music … and Mommy tears

  1. vixensden says:


    Now regarding the unexplainable moments of toddler indecisions wrapped up in screaming and such…they go on for about 16 more years. But, to quote some singer guy:
    “But you’re gonna miss this
    You’re gonna want this back
    You’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast
    These are some good times so take a good look around
    You may not know it now
    But you’re gonna miss this”

  2. Sarah says:

    Absolutely random, but perhaps comforting at the same time: I saw Sesame Street Live when I was five years old. And still VIVIDLY remember it. I remember it because my Daddy danced with me, and I had never seen him do that before.

  3. Victoria says:

    Vixen’s really got me crying now.
    But honestly, those are the things you’ll remember fondly twenty-five years from now when she’s got her own little one giving her a hard time.

  4. Colleen says:

    We were there too….10:30am show? Let me tell you, it was NOT the best way to prepare him for his nap, but he had a good time. Except he kept shouting “one more time!” after the ABC number and that darn Elmo wasn’t listening.

    It does make you smile when they are experiencing something for the first time and having fun at it doesn’t it?

  5. Mar says:

    Those my dear are the best part of being a Mommy, the unexpected good tears.

  6. skiplovey says:

    I plan to lock up the tv and hide the sheer existence of Elmo from Nate. Is it the high pitched voice that draws toddlers in and at the same time makes me want to tear out my hair?

  7. emily says:

    I think I live only a mile from where you saw this production…..I have thought many times of taking Piper but have not because of the “100 dollar seat” thing with a toddler. But, reading about your teary experience, makes me want to take her. memories!!!!!

  8. derekandmandy says:

    Aw, I totally get the tears for moments like that.
    Much to the bane of my daughters’ existence.
    Especially my oldest.
    “Mooom! You’re not crying again are you? Please stop!”
    That may or may not have been uttered this past weekend at the Anne Frank/Ruby Bridges/Ryan White exhibit at the Children’s Museum.
    Just being able to cuddle my girls while watching their touching stories unfold. I couldn’t help it!

  9. I can’t wait to take Pitter to things like this…but I fear that we’ll have a similar experience to yours until he’s…what? 6?
    This gig requires SOOOOooo much more patience than I anticipated!

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