day care love song

One thing I love about our new daycare is R’s new ability to (and enthusiasm for) clean up after herself. After many activities we do together begin to wind down, R’s natural response is, “Clean up now!” and she begins to do it. She never did this before.

One of the things I hate about our new daycare is the parents who park in the fire lane. I hate this on a personal level because they often either a) block me into a parking space or b) block the exit to the parking lot completely. I hate this on a global level because what are you teaching your children about consideration for others?

One of the things I love about our new day care is Parents Night Out. I think it could save my marriage. And my sanity!

One of the things I hate about our new day care is the lack of clarity on their weekly calendars. On today’s calendar it said “Bring something that starts with ‘A.'” So Dave went off with R and her stuffed alligator, which was apparently the wrong thing to do because he had to leave a crying R without her stuffed alligator. Apparently the teachers were bringing the A items and kids can only bring show and tell items on Fridays.

One of the things I love about our new day care is how it is teaching R to get along with a lot of kids (or not get along with them). She is learning how to modify her behavior and maybe will someday even empathize (I know, not yet). And best of all, she doesn’t watch television at all.

One of the things I hate about our new day care is that I think there are ‘cliques’ and other social traps that I hoped R would not encounter until elementary school. I think I was wrong.

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2 Responses to day care love song

  1. Erin says:

    Sounds like there are some really positive things about the new daycare! I love the idea of a Parents Night Out!

    I totally understand about hating people parking in the fire lane. We actually had to start a valet service for the parents who drive their kids to preschool because of the number of car accidents in the parking lot. Get off your cell phone, wait your turn, and don’t let your kids run in and out of parked cars!!!

  2. derekandmandy says:

    I love your title!
    Poopy parents who don’t know how to park-ha ha!
    That’s so cute that she likes to help out by cleaning! My youngest is like that too!
    Aw, not cliques already!!! Yikes!
    Don’t you wish you could protect them from that? I know that’s one of the things I worry about with my girls, too.
    And yay for Parent’s Night! Hope you get to enjoy lots more of those!!

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