really no point to this one

rbabyn.jpgCute things R has done in the last few days:

1.    Sneezed, and when neither her father nor I responded immediately, said, “Say ‘bless you’ Mommy! Say ‘bless you’ Daddy!”

2.    After receiving many compliments to the effect of “Your hair looks so cute” after allowing me to give her pigtails for her aunt’s baby shower, saw me with my hair pulled into a pony tail before bed and said, “Your hair is cute, Mommy. I like it.”

3.    Called me at work this morning to ask where her stickers were for her sticker chart because she used her potty (for the fourth time in 36 hours!).

4.    Complimented my cooking by saying “Mmm mmm mmm, Mommy, this is good.”

5.    Made me my first art project from day care. I’m sure she had very little to do with the actual assembly of the construction-paper caterpillar, but she presented it to me with such pride… I’ll never forget it.

6.    Learned how to “pound fists” in greeting from her Uncle Mike.

7.    Told me she had fun at the park on Sunday. Repeatedly. And that she wants a kite. Please.

8.    Gave toddler love to another baby. (see below, and don’t worry, I cut her bangs with my kitchen shears yesterday. She loved every minute.)

9.    Insisted that no, she is not a big girl, she is a baby. End of discussion.

10.  Loved on one of her new teachers when I came to pick her up yesterday. But loved on me best.  

PS I’m cheating on Scott Hoke with my new ipod nano and a crazy shuffle of music that this morning included R Kelly, Josh Groban, NKOTB and Tom Waits.


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5 Responses to really no point to this one

  1. rimarama says:

    Love the pigtails! The V-meister no longer allows me to use any form of the diminutive with her name, because she is a BIG GIRL. Sometimes I wish she would still let me call her my little bean, but even that is off limits. So I think it’s very amusing that R insists on being a baby. She knows where it’s at.

  2. Victoria says:

    R is so precious. She’s at the fun age, where they’re learning to tell you exactly what you think while you try your hardest not to laugh yourself to death. I’m looking forward to it myself. And it’s so cute that R still wants to be a baby. C is just the opposite–five months and desperate to be do big girl things. You’ve got a real cutie! Her hair is adorable.

  3. Christina says:

    It’s just too much! Isnt it? How do you not suffocate her with love? Right now Nathan doesnt mind when I wont put him down becuase I cant get enough. I imagine that will change, on his part, not mine.
    I SO enjoy reading about R, she makes me smile every time.

  4. Erin says:

    And, let’s not forget that she patted Auntie Erin on the chest and said “baby belly!”

  5. Mar says:

    Yeah for the potty.

    Err, I just might have NKOTB on my Ipod as well. (DId you hear they might be making a reunion type album?).

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