Dr Jekkyl and Miss R Hyde

The new school was happy to report that Miss R was wonderful all day, ate her lunch, took a nap, asked after Daddy a few times but then would return to playtime when she was told Mommy or Daddy would return to get her.

She sang songs, played with play-doh and, when I arrived, she was riding a little “bike” around the indoor play area. She showed me her cubby with her coat and other particulars. She waved good bye to her new teachers and new friends, saying, “Bye-bye, see ya ‘morrow.”

We walked out to the car together and she turned into a raving, lunatic beast who wouldn’t consent to anything – sitting in the car seat, eating a snack, not eating a snack, eating dinner, not having dinner ready immediately, taking a bath, watching television, not watching television, putting on her pajamas, brushing her teeth, taking her medicine, reading a book, not reading a book, giving Mommy a kiss good night…

And I was actually okay with that. We rocked her little world yesterday. We deserve to be the ones to deal with it as she struggles to adjust. The only thing that broke my heart just a wee little bit was when she looked up at me from her high chair after dinner and said she was scared. Now I don’t know what she was scared of, or if she even fully understands the concept of fear, but I squatted down to her level and told her Mommy would always come get her, Mommy would always be there for her, Mommy would always protect her. And she hugged me so tight.

Maybe that wasn’t the right thing to do. I know I shouldn’t promise to always be there, when I don’t know what every day will bring. But I do know that I made her feel better. And that was what she needed.

And it was what I needed too.

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6 Responses to Dr Jekkyl and Miss R Hyde

  1. vixensden says:

    I would/have promised the same thing to my little ones. I don’t see anything wrong with that. ((hugs)) to you.

  2. Erin says:

    You would not believe the number of students I have that burst into tears when they see their moms. They have an uncanny ability to keep it together and work hard at school, but as soon as they see that person that will snuggle and love them like no other, they are done being strong.

  3. Victoria says:

    Sometimes that’s the best thing you can give them. They don’t understand when they’re little, but by the time they’re big enough to get it they’ll also be old enough to forgive you for not being immortal. I can’t blame you for saying it. I’ve already done it.

  4. Christina says:

    So sweet! I agree with everyone else, you do what she needs in the moment. And if you both need the same thing, even better.
    Im very happy that she is enjoying her new daycare. I imagine the rest will sort itself out as she adjusts fully.
    Mamma’s, we just worry ourselfs nuts dont we?! Im really starting to understand it myself.

  5. My son also does this on daycare days–he just melts when we pick him up. Not every time, but here and there, and especially when it’s been a while since we’ve been (because of a holiday or a vacation break). I think they just don’t adjust well to transitions. Also, they put on a brave face/spend a lot of energy being social and let their guard down when you return. In a way, I think it shows trust and love.

  6. Sarah says:

    This is the first thing I’ve read online in, like, three days. It totally made me weep.

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