In perusing some of the posts I’ve made over the last 11 months, I realized that I may have given you the wrong impression of R. Like Mallory once feared, I am concerned that you might think I believe her to be the perfect child. Or that she never misbehaves and is never angry, grumpy, unreasonable, petulant, crabby, bossy, sassy or bratty.

This is not the case.

R has her foibles, her quirks, her moods. For example, food is almost always an issue with her. Lately, she wants me to hold her while we stand in front of the pantry and I list off all of the snacks available to her. She refuses each one, her voice quivering more with each option, inching closer and closer to a tantrum as nothing (not cheetos, not Goldfish crackers, not an apple, not a banana, not crackers, not Cheerios, not raisins, not applesauce, not Dora fruit snacks) fits her fancy. But if I dare to close the pantry door or move away from it, the tantrum begins full force. Yesterday, I sat her on a chair in front of the open door and just let her look inside to her hearts content. I made dinner.

We’ve been trying to work with her on saying “please” and “thank you.” Usually she is pretty good about it, but lately she’s decided that if she doesn’t want to say please, she’s not going to, and you sure as hell better give her whatever she wants anyway. Because if not, she’s going to throw herself into a puddle on the floor in Babies R Us and scream so loud that a salesgirl rushes to ask you if she can help you with anything. Meaning, get that kid off the floor and out of the store, you’re scaring the pregnant women from registering for more useless crap like expensive bibs with cute sayings like ‘Spit happens.

She hates having her diaper changed, screaming “pants on” or “Doras on” or “Pooh on” (for her Dora the Explorer and Winnie-the-Pooh pajamas) throughout. This is especially fun in a public restroom.

She went through a hitting stage (which thankfully wasn’t a biting stage) that retreated for awhile, but seems to be coming back with a vengeance. She’s started calling her father by his first name on occasion (only encouraged by my riotous laughter, I’m sure). If she wants something (blanket, baby doll, juice, an opened toy box or a light turned on), she wants it NOW, not in the time it takes to retrieve said item from wherever it may be or complete the task.


In short, she’s a regular kid. But she’s mine. And that does make her special.

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8 Responses to Confessional

  1. marmagoo says:

    Indeed it does make her special. Noodle called me by my first name from the time she was old enough to talk until she was about 3. Yeah, we laughed about it too.

  2. rimarama says:

    Sounds like she’s right on course! She’s adorable, too.

    I used to do the whole “what would you like to eat?” thing, too. Then I realized I was being played for a fool. Now I give them a choice between two items and THAT’S IT. It was rough going at first, but life is much, much easier now!

  3. Sarah says:

    For the record, I received THREE “Spit Happens” bibs. Now, to the best of my limited knowledge, an newborn infant has no need for a bib. Am I right?

    She’s SOOO beautiful, M. It will get easier.

    (I say this to myself often. Like when I’m sipping Jack Daniels straight from the bottle.)

  4. vixensden says:

    See she is perfect….

    Perfectly normal. And very, very beautiful too.

  5. skiplovey says:

    What a cutie! And what kid doesn’t do all those completely charming little kid things? I’d be concerned if she did act perfect, that would be weird.

  6. Erin says:

    When I’m hungry, I make Ted stand in the kitchen and list all the snacks available to me. I then say “no” to each one…getting more and more whiny each time. Apparently, I am two.

  7. Christina says:

    hehe! I know what’ll fix her! A sibling 🙂

  8. Victoria says:

    She’s wonderful regardless. A very, very normal child, and very pretty.

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