Finally, something light-hearted

So a few girls at work introduced me to the concept of the “Office Boyfriend.” I have embraced this concept now that I slowly feel the life being sucked out of me while I sit at my desk and size photos and enter copy into boxes for hours a day. It makes work more fun.

When I first started working here, I had an “Office Boyfriend.” We were very close, and then we just grew apart. First I had a baby, then he (his wife) had a baby. My job changed and we didn’t talk so much, then his job changed and we talked even less. One day he snubbed me, and I called it off. It was him, not me.

So the spot of my “Office Boyfriend” is officially open and I am auditioning (“Convention Boyfriend” and “Intern Boyfriend” positions are filled).  My requirements are minimal: easy on the eyes, not a complete jackass. I must see them occasionally, which does eliminate a sizable number of staff members. I don’t care if you’re married. We’re keeping this at work.

This is not a serious thing, I do not harbor fantasies of running away with my Office Boyfriend (or Convention Boyfriend or Intern Boyfriend). In fact, I would be mortified if any of them knew of their designation. It’s something I like to giggle about with my friends.

One friend’s Office Boyfriend was an IT contractor who used to sit down the hall from her. He shared an office with another contractor who was also attractive. She weighed her options and chose the taller of the two. But now he’s changed offices and we don’t even know what floor he’s on anymore… Office Boyfriends can be so fickle.

This year, I even convinced my boss’ boss to pick a Convention Girlfriend. He chose well, considered carefully. However, I do believe his fatal mistake is that we don’t know if she will be a fixture at Convention. Unless he gets a new job, my CB will be around for awhile. I think that’s a key element in the Convention boy/girlfriend choice.

Office Boyfriends come, and Office Boyfriends go. But work is a little better when they’re around.

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9 Responses to Finally, something light-hearted

  1. Sarah says:

    I LOVE THIS!! My Office Boyfriend is gay, but he’s still fabulous. There is another potential Office Boyfriend, but he’s a manager, so we keep that one under wraps. 🙂

  2. Christina says:

    Ohh I had one that I miss! He was sort of a boyfriend from 4th grade though, Like hed trip me in the morning and bring me a Blizzard after lunch.. he was cute too. We would sort of pick on eachother but at the same time we totally had eachothers backs.

  3. Erin says:

    Sadly, there will be no office boyfriend for me. I work in a building consisting entirely of women. We did have male sub one day that caused quite a stir…but I’m pretty sure we scared him away.

  4. Mar says:

    Funny. Very funny.

    I sadly, am the only employee so no office boyfriend for me.

    I do have a cute UPS driver though, will he do??

  5. mogosmom says:

    Laughing so hard at the idea of this!

  6. Gosh, I know so many of these Office Boyfriends that turn into Office lovers then Office home wreckers. But then again, look at what I do for a living…. 😉 Maybe my experience is skewed?

    Actually, the last person who told me the whole Office Boyfriend song and dance ended up screwing up her 30 years marriage when Office boyfriend became office hug, office kiss, office…. you get the picture.

  7. Heya – I left you a little present at my place – stop on by.

  8. This made me laugh out loud. Who shall I pick, who shall I pick?

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