Clicking my ruby slippers

There’s only one cotton ball left. And that’s just because I’ve been working in my room for about an hour and haven’t had the opportunity to take a shower yet. All my suits are folded neatly in my suitcase. All the unnecessary supplements to all the agendas of all the meetings I attended over the last week are in the trash.

I’m going home. There’s no place quite like it.

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4 Responses to Clicking my ruby slippers

  1. Christina says:

    YAY! Have a safe flight. I can only imagine how excited you are to get back to your family. Rachel is going to squeal with delight at the sight of Mommy.

    hey- on a side note, that Rockin’ the Suburbs over there … thats not me??

  2. Mar says:

    You made it!! R is going to be so happy to see you! Have a safe flight home.

  3. YEA! I know everyone is going to be so happy to see you!

  4. Erin says:

    Yay! Have a safe trip home!

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