Goal setting

I belong to this professional organization which I will not name for fear of outing my industry. I’m not sure what I truly think about professional organizations – a lot of them, this one included, seem to be more about who you know and how important you are than anything else. Nevertheless, I belong because it’s strongly encouraged at my workplace.

This year, the organization has started a new “FIT” program, in which participants must set a goal for themselves (not necessarily health and fitness) over the next year and report out the progress made toward that goal each month to a “team leader.” I have the misfortune good fortune of having a team leader three offices away from me and was heavily recruited for the project.

We were asked this month to “tell our story” to the other members. This is what I submitted:

I have a very modest goal over the next year – I want to try to take more time for myself. In the two years since my daughter was born, I feel like I have lost my individual identity, becoming more “R’s Mom” and less “Michelle” every day. I hope to reclaim a little bit of Michelle while still being the best “R’s Mom” possible.

The biggest obstacle I am facing is overcoming the guilt I feel every time I do something (or even think of doing something) for myself instead of for my family. The last haircut and color I had was in July because I can’t stand to spend three hours away from home on the weekend for something that seems so indulgent. So please don’t comment on my roots next time you see me.

I don’t think I’m that much different from any other working mom. I think in my heart of hearts I believe I can have it all – the family and the career and the independence from both I need to have a complete life. But every time I have to show up at day care with cash to pay the $2-per-minute fee for being late or rush out of work early to pick up a sick kid, having it all seems less and less attainable. I think this project will help me to strive for more balance.

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7 Responses to Goal setting

  1. skiplovey says:

    Those are great goals to have. You do need to take time out for yourself and it’s important for kids to see Mom as an individual as well as a Mom.

  2. Erin says:

    What a great goal! Also, I think that your blog is a great way to take time for yourself and keep Michelle alive and kicking! 🙂

  3. Vixen says:

    That really is a great goal. You can do it Michelle….you have a little cheer squad here at your beck and call!

  4. I know I struggled with this as a young mom and…wait a sec, I stil do! I think every good mother struggles with this. Good for you for being proactive and doing something about it! (Get a massage for me. Oh, and get my roots done for me, wouldja?)

  5. noodle says:

    I think that’s a wonderful goal. I’m not a parent yet, think about it this way — by taking a litle time out for yourself, you’ll be a more balanced person and a better mom for R.

  6. It took me about two years to draw a breath and realize that I needed to focus on me more than I had been up to that point.
    Then I got pregnant…
    Good luck finding that time and that balance! Every mommy deserves time to herself. It’s the old oxygen mask theory… if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others.

  7. I wish you a lot of luck and joy in reaching your goal. And $2 a minute? I think that’s a little excessive. And I’ve worked at a few daycares/pre-schools.

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