The hits just keep on coming

So as if this week weren’t already one of the most unfortunate on record, I arrived at work today just before 7:30 a.m. to a small gathering of staff that were already in the building… only they were OUT of the building.  

There was a weird smell in the air, weirder than the odor emitted by the factory across the park on every odd Tuesday, and my ultra-sharp reporter’s nose sniffed the air. Could there be… a fire? 

The arrival of approximately half the Indianapolis fire department, at least those assigned to our quadrant, confirmed the existence of the fire about ten minutes later. As more and more staff (and more and more fire personnel) started arriving, we were herded across the Canal and “to safety.”

Eventually, we were told to go away and “have breakfast” and return in an hour.   While our staff was enjoying a leisurely meal down the street (not me, I have no cash), we were notified to “work from home today.” I was instantly curious because no one is ever allowed to “work from home.” Okay, just the smart aleck in me was curious. When we got back to the building, we discovered the fire was in an adjacent building (we have three buildings connected) to the one we work in, but that the shared ventilation system had spread smoke throughout the complex. 

So, as firemen escorted 350 people, five at a time, into the office to gather personal belongings, I couldn’t help but think that maybe my bad luck was starting to rub off on everybody else. Because doesn’t everybody get bummed when they get what is essentially a free day off work?

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4 Responses to The hits just keep on coming

  1. Vixen says:

    Yes, I am heartbroken and barely able to go on when I get a free day off work. How horrible.

  2. rimarama says:

    I always hoped for one of those back when I was working for The Man (without any casualties, of course.) Never did get one.

    Hope you got a lot of stuff done at home 😉

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  4. skiplovey says:

    Free day! Free day! Nice.

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