Wipe Out


I swear to God I got paid on Friday, so did Dave. So why, this morning, did our bank balance read $89.34? We usually have a cushion of a couple of hundred dollars, so even if our checks hadn’t been automatically deposited, this would still look wrong. 

Then, mid-morning, Dave got the call from PayPal. His account had been hacked. His check card had been used to make purchases on gaming Web sites. We were wiped out. Merry F-ing Christmas. (Sorry Dad). 

Thankfully, PayPal will be reimbursing us, but they seemed rather vague on the timetable for that. Dave cancelled his check card account and they will issue him a new card in 7-10 business days. My card, with a different number, was unaffected – other than the fact that it now has NO MONEY to back it up.  

One thing the PayPal people were clear on – we must change all our passwords on all of our accounts immediately. So I spent a good 15 minutes this morning trying to remember every online purchase I’d ever made, every account I’d ever created (weather.com anybody?) and every email address I have. Oh! I just remembered another one… 

I knew this would happen someday. I mean, I’ve been merrily making Internet purchases for at least five years now, with nary a problem. The last two years, almost all of our Christmas shopping was done online. Oh, the convenience! But what do I do now? Do I still buy things online? It’s obviously not SAFE. But my GOD, the MALL at CHRISTMAS TIME? I’m starting to tremble at the thought…. 

I also feel strangely violated. Like somebody saw me wearing just my panties, in all my flat-chested, flabby assed wonder. And now, they are somewhere in Japan pointing and laughing at me.  

I truly believe the Internet is the greatest invention of my lifetime, if for nothing else than for its amazing capacity for bringing people together. I guess in some cases you don’t much like the people you come into contact with in Cyberspace.

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10 Responses to Wipe Out

  1. Christina says:

    I too know that sick in your gut feeling when you money goes missing. Ours too happened just before the holidays last year but.. ours was our own fault! HA- Mike had set up our mortage for auto-pay and hit pay,,, wait for it… THREE times! One police report and a few days later we discovered what had gone wrong.
    Im so glad you were able to work it out and your money is on its way back to you.

  2. I am so sorry! That’s horrible. I hope it gets fixed sooner rather than later and that PayPal doesn’t drag their feet in reimbursing you.

  3. rimarama says:

    Oh, man, that just sucks. I hope you are able to make things right quickly. This definitely makes me wary about wielding fantastic plastic around the internet this shopping season.

  4. Christina says:

    I am sorry to hear about this. We also do almost all of our X-mas shopping online for several years. I guess the sad part is that even if you went to the mall someone can steal your info there too. Just be careful, make the passwords difficult or somewhat unique (it was recommended that you have at least ONE character and ONE number in your passwords.) I have had my identity stolen when I was 22. I took about four years to get it fixed and I am still not sure if my name is cleared with AT&T Michigan but whatever. It was the most insane I have ever experienced. You can also call one of three major carriers (experian is the only one coming to mind) and tell them waht happened. They will give you a free credit report to make sure nothing else was stolen AND you can request a hold on any future accounts (that is so no one can start creating new accounts without your permission.) It is a pain in the ass but worth it. Finally, my husband had his entire account wiped out when we visiting our family in CA. We were not married yet so still had seperate accounts but we were told there is technology available these days where they take your card at say a restaurant, they can swipe it through this little thing and create a whole new card based on your account number now stored in that device. I guess it just means being more vigilant and checking our personal information ALL the time!

  5. Erin says:

    How awful! I hope things get better soon!

    And Christina is right about passwords…using a numeral and a combination of upper & lowercase letters makes passwords very difficult to hack!

  6. Vixen says:

    The single advantage to being dead ass broke? If they tried to use our ATM cards they would be declined, then the suckers would feel stupid.

  7. skiplovey says:

    Oh that’s terrible. And scary. I have a paypal account. Must check it immediately. Good thing you’re getting reimbursed.

  8. noodle says:

    Ohmigod, that sucks for y’all. I hope everything works out okay. How scary!!

  9. I am so sorry. That’s just awful. Are you out of money? Is there anything you can do?

  10. Marlee says:

    Bummer hope that they get it fixed soon for you.

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