Wipe out

I remember the first time I changed a diaper in front of my dad. Maybe it was the first poopie diaper I changed in front of him, but what I know for sure is Angel Face was very small and I was very green.Look at these statistics for proof: 

December 27, 2005 – # of Diapers Michelle has changed: 0 

December 30, 2005 – # of Diapers Michelle has changed: A Lot More Than Zero (see, they don’t let you out of bed for the first 24 hours or so after a C-section, otherwise I would have likely begun changing diapers earlier than two days after birth). 

October 15, 2007 – I prefer not to think about the # of Diapers Michelle has changed. 

Anyhow, I remember changing the diaper and using wipe after wipe after wipe after wipe. Dad didn’t really say anything at first. Then he said something funny, like the wipes I used probably weighed more than Angel Face. And he was right.I’ve learned to use the diaper to clean up residual #2, and, even in really desperate cases, usually can get away with just 2-3 wipes. But mostly it takes just one. And while I’m not using cloth diapers and I bought pre-packaged baby food, I have started to do my one little part for the environment. Take that, landfills! 

This post was brought to you in honor of Blog Action Day. Find out more here. 

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4 Responses to Wipe out

  1. skiplovey says:

    Nice work. It’s good to point out that its all the little things that add up. Or don’t add up as much when you make a little effort.

  2. Will you add your diaper changing skills to your resume? With a little creativity…. “expert at resource management” or “tidy up the nastiest of messes”. Yeah. I think it would work!

  3. rimarama says:

    Yeah, I am guilty of wipe overuse, myself. But you are absolutely right – even in desperate blow-out cases, you could probably get away with just 2 or 3.

    Nice post!

  4. Christina says:

    Im trying not to use many wipes but my word the kid poops constantly so they add up, still trying though.
    I ment to do this action day post myself but dang it, i missed the day! There is no emissions testing here in Ohio and our air quality is piss-poor as a result.

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