Brisk is back

Finally, Mother Nature got the memo that it’s October and by God, I spent $45 on Children’s Place sale items thanks to Swistle and my girl hadn’t been able to wear any of the clothes yet because it was 90-freaking-degrees outside and we went swimming in her kiddie pool all weekend.

But seriously, folks, I love fall. It’s my favorite time. I was always a dork who liked going back to school. Because my birthday is in a cold-weather month (that also happens to be NEXT MONTH) I always had way more cool-weather clothes than warm weather clothes, so fall marked the time I got to bring out the awesome clothes.

Fall brings so many cool things – the way the late afternoon sunlight looks through the changing leaves in my backyard, the mulled cider (occasionally spiked with a tumbler of rum), the raking of leaves and subsequent building of leaf houses, football of all varieties, sweatshirts and jeans that cover a multitude of eating sins and fires in the fireplace.

And now that she is getting older, we can share a lot of fun stuff with her. Last year, we took her to the Stonycreek Pumpkin Festival and while her dad and I had a lot of fun, she really couldn’t have cared less, I don’t think. We plopped her in the hay to take her picture, plopped her in front of some pumpkins to take her picture, and plopped her behind one of those fake photo fronts with the head cut out for a picture. She couldn’t even crawl yet, much less walk.

This year, I think, will be a little different. I see train rides and pony rides and glee on the hayride in our future. And finally, the weather is starting to cooperate and she can wear the cute pumpkin sweater I got at the second hand shop. One must be properly attired for the pumpkin festival.

On a side note, I’m kind of tired of calling my kid “Angel Face.” I haven’t worked all the way through my full feelings on the subject, and I know I started it for security reasons. But should I come up with something different? Should I use her initial like Rose does? Should I just tell you her actual name? I’m really not sure what to do. Thoughts?

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8 Responses to Brisk is back

  1. Christina says:

    Agreed on Fall! My birthday is next month as well (the 11th!) so I always had way cooler winter clothes (yeah because I so needed winter clothes in CA but whatever!) than I did summer time clothing. And we actually had cool weather here in Indiana so I had to wear a sweater and jeans this morning (Hooray!) – I need some new clothes for my bottom half because I have lost so much weight since last winter (HOORAY AGAIN!) and finally, I was totally a DORK about school – I liked the school supplies aspect of it all – marking off what I needed from that list was very satisfying for me at a young age!!

    As for the name thing, I just use my son and husband’s names but I guess I am just not very secure like that. You could consider a pseudonym for her – like my son is Matthew (for real) but I might consider calling him Michael or Mark (using his 1st initial but a made up name) – same for you and your husband? Just a thought…

    I like when people use names because when I read I feel like I am getting to know them in a more personal (NON STALKER) sort of way. I think it boils down to what your comfortable level is really.

  2. hrm… It’s been quite cold here. My feet are cold. And they crank the heat at the gym – so it’s hot (like 80) inside and arctic outside.

    That said, it’s been such a beautiful fall – they are skiing already at Arapahoe Basin.

    I think you can use her initials. That’s what a big girl deserves.;)

  3. Marlee says:

    Heck its 95 here today, I wish we had fall weather it one of the things I miss the most about being in the mid-west.

    As far as the name thing, do what makes you comfortable, it may come as a shock to you but Noodle is not her given name!! I have thought about using her name but since I don’t use my own name I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

  4. Sarah says:

    It’s eighty degrees here today. Which is a COLD SNAP, compared to the last few weeks. I recently learned that women in my family are pregnant during heat waves. That, as you might imagine, would’ve been crucial information to have eight months ago.

    On the name thing, I feel you. I call Bryan’s son The Boy, but I blatantly post my own child’s name everywhere. And Bryan and I post our full names to anything that will take them, so I wonder how much protection they’re truly getting.

  5. Swistle says:

    I don’t know what to do about the name thing, either. I find obvious pseudonyms (“Sweetie,” “Peanut,” etc.) distracting and hard to remember, but real names make me uneasy. I use names for my kids that are very similar to their real names and work as their real names (easy for me to remember). I’ve also heard of people who use middle names, or runner-up names (if you had another name you were considering for the child before he/she was born).

  6. Erin says:

    I love fall! Everyone at work today complained about the drop in temperature, but I was thrilled! It’s not supposed to be 90 degrees in October!

    As for the name thing…well, here’s what I think. My name is Erin and I use that on my blog. Absolutely no one could find my blog just by googling Erin. However, unique and cutesy nicknames could be googled and they could find you a lot easier. As long as you never post your last name (and why would you), it is completely safe to use your daughter’s first name. And you should know that I am an expert….I went to an 8 hour training on internet safety! 🙂

  7. Vixen says:

    Yippee for brisk. Bring it on! You should call her whatever you feel comfortable with. Actually all my kids internet names are their real life nickname’s so its easy for me not to mess up. I had to make ones up for the “newest” additions, but they are sticking also. But really, do what comes easiest for you. This blogging thing should be fun.

  8. mommymartin says:

    I’m glad the cool weather is starting to set in (at least, for the rest of the nation–we’re still in the 80s and 90s here) and that you guys are enjoying it. It must be fun having your little one up big enough to where she can enjoy the sights and sounds and tastes of this time of year.
    I’m not sure what to suggest calling her. A lot of it depends on how concerned you are for her safety. I started calling Baby by name before I realized it, but so far you’ve done well not mentioning Angel Face’s real name. I agree with Erin–as long as you don’t use your last name it might be safe using her real name.

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