With apologies to the animal activists

Sorry, PETA, Angel Face hearts the circus.

Clarification: She loved the hell out of the circus. And her favorite acts were those involving elephants, horses or tigers. The little housecats in multi-colored vests she couldn’t care less about. But show her a llama dressed up in sequins, and the girl becomes a spastic mess.

Hubby got free tickets through work last week, and even though it was an evening affair, we decided to take her anyway because we had the next day off. At first, she wasn’t sure what to think of the whole thing. And the clowns definitely scared her a little bit (like father, like daughter).

But as soon as that circus band struck up some music for the opening number, she started pointing and gyrating and jumping up and down and squealing as though I had slipped some meth in her sippy cup. People around us turned to look at her as she screamed her delight: roaring at the tigers, clapping at appropriate times, calling out to the aerialists as though they could see and talk to her.

She wanted to be sure everyone around us could see everything she was, so she would occasionally look around at our fellow audience members and point, “See! See!”

Halfway through the first act, Hubby pulled her to his lap for a moment to rest – she had worked up a sweat. When the confetti blast signaled the end of the first half, she was a little nervous about all the tissue paper raining down on us. But once she saw the other kids running around picking up handfuls of the stuff, she wasn’t too far behind.

She was so enthusiastic throughout the entire thing, I almost felt a little bad for the people around us – she was loud and possibly disruptive to their circus-watching experience. But I decided I needed to get over it – it was a kids’ event, right?

When we finally got her out of the arena, she pointed at every elephant or horse sign she saw on the way to the car. I was a little nervous about taking her to the circus so young, but it was definitely a good decision. When I saw how happy she was, I can’t even really describe it. It’s exactly the kind of experience I want my kids to have.

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7 Responses to With apologies to the animal activists

  1. Jennie says:

    Oh, the circus scares the bejeezus out of me. CLOWNS = EVIL HORRID THINGS.

    But I guarantee the people around you loved seeing that little girl so happy. And if they didn’t, why were they at the circus? Since they so obviously suck at life.

  2. Sarah says:

    This so made me happy.

    And I’m with Jennie – who grimaces at watching a little girl enjoy herself at the circus? Other than the Grinch?! I’m the same way with Jack at hockey games. Let ’em yell and have fun.. they’re kids.

  3. Vixen says:

    Taking my kids to the circus was truly one of the greatest joys of my life. Their faces and responses are just priceless.

  4. rimarama says:

    You can never be too loud at the circus – it’s a circus, for crying out loud!

    I think it’s so funny that she felt obligated to point out the neat stuff to her fellow audience members. I can totally picture it!

  5. Erin says:

    Yeah….I’m going to need to see pictures of my niece at the circus.

  6. How fun! I wish I had been sitting next to Angel Face. I would have loved every second of her wonder – hell, I love it now!

  7. Skiplovey says:

    How wonderful that she loved it! Hope you took pictures. I think everyone loves a happy child, no matter how loud they are.

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