On behalf of those who suffer from morning sickness

I had terrible morning sickness. Anyone who lived/worked/talked with me during the first 24 weeks of my pregnancy knows that. But saying that to someone who either didn’t have the same caliber of morning sickness (or any at all) or doesn’t know anyone who did doesn’t seem to convey much meaning. 

Take, for example, my mother. Now, I love my mother, but when I was throwing up in my trash can at work multiple times a day, she actually said to me, “Mind over matter, Michelle.” 

Mind over matter? Mind over matter? Seriously? Mom must not have actually LAID DOWN ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR WHILE BLOW-DRYING HER HAIR as I did, more than once, during the early stages of pregnancy. You know, before I started to show and couldn’t get down there (or up again) without help. Then I stopped blow drying my hair altogether. Besides, who cares if a hugely pregnant woman has frizzy hair or not? (I also stopped wearing contacts because my eyes got so dried out, but I don’t think that was related to the morning sickness…) 

A former co-worker told me that all that ‘mind over matter’ crap was just that: crap, and I should just let myself throw up if I felt like it. She said that when she was pregnant she kept a bag in her car for puking emergencies during her commute to work. Of course, she told me that after I had vomited out my car window at a stoplight. Thank God the urge didn’t come while I was on the interstate. 

Apparently little-known morning sickness facts: 1. It is not confined to the morning hours. That is the cruelest joke of all. 2. It is not confined to the first trimester of pregnancy. Some women (thankfully not me) have it the entire pregnancy. 3. You can not wish, think, will it away. If we could, don’t you think we would? 4. If you eat a little something first thing in the morning and get moving, it does not always help. 5. Ginger, sea-sickness bands, flat soda, crackers, eating small meals and snacks, naps, getting out of bed slowly, and mind over matter MAY NOT WORK. 6. Generally, every woman will know what eases the nausea a little bit for her. For me it was milk. We are willing to take suggestions, but don’t be hurt if it doesn’t work for us. 

I eventually got a super-strong anti-nausea medication from my obstetrician. And it worked pretty well, though there was a terrible stretch in July that the queasiness was overwhelming. But at least I got to find out that if you ever feel sick on an airplane and you think the regular air-sickness bag won’t be enough, they do, in fact, have super-size puke bags. And the flight attendants will also get you ginger ale even if they are not serving beverages to anyone else because you are flying over the remnants of Hurricane Dennis (Delta Airlines). 

Now, for as clearly as I remember all of this, and as clearly as I’m sure my husband remembers the ONE TIME he had to clean up my vomit (of all the literally scores of times I threw up from May 15-September 26, 2005, I think the fact that he had to clean it only once is pretty good on my part), I would not hesitate to do it all again. Not even a little bit.

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8 Responses to On behalf of those who suffer from morning sickness

  1. Sarah says:

    I would love to belly-bump you while high-fiving and saying, “Right on, sister”, but you are so much more of a woman than I am. I had no morning sickness. None. But I am not a vomitor. At all. And would often ration with God when I got queasy. In return, he made me incredibly fat and gave me heartburn that could stop a train.

  2. My sister was hospitalized 8 times for dehydration from throwing up so much – not that’s morning sickness!! You are very brave.

  3. Christina says:

    I hear that it gets worse with each pregnancy! Mine was horrid too but I only threwup about once a week- despite feeling 24 hr sickness! I would sit in front of the can just begging for it, I was green day in and day out. I used unisom and vitamin b6 starting around 9 weeks and that helped a lot but i wasnt “better” until about 14 weeks. Now in physical pain almost all the time I still know its worth it:)

  4. Frema says:

    Your mother and my mother should do lunch. When I was sick to my stomach 24/7, she would always say, “Oh, I’m sure it’ll be gone next week.” Even though she never experienced morning sickness herself. Thanks for the tip, Dr. Mom. NOT.

  5. Swistle says:

    RIGHT ON. One of my friends said, in an annoyed tone of voice, “Maybe you’re feeling sick because you’re just lying around thinking about it so much.” NICE. And I can’t count how many times someone suggested that I eat saltines before I get out of bed. (All that did was let me barf up saltines.)

    It would have been tempting for me, if I were you, to vomit on your mom’s head and say “Matter over mind.”

  6. rimarama says:

    Oh, man, I totally hear you. Morning sickness is one of the reasons why I’m stickin’ with only two kids. I can’t imagine going through that again. But, I have heard of people who got it with one pregnancy and not with subsequent pregnancies (maybe your body is more used to the hormones the second time around?)

    Thanks for reminding me of that happy time 😉

  7. i’m sure your mom is really smart and nice but that was not the nicest, smartest thing to say! Morning sickness sucks, there is no sugar-coating it. I feel for you!

  8. noodle says:

    Just one of the things I have to look foward to, should I ever get pregnant! But I know it’s worth it in the end, right?

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