pearls on the stripper pole

So I had a new experience recently. I’ve hesitated in writing about it, because I’m not sure how I feel about it, really. Last month, after a few cocktails at a wedding reception, Hubby and I looked around and noticed that we, along with the newly-wedded couple and our BFF couple, were the last ones getting dangerous on the dance floor. In fact, we were the last ones getting dangerous in the room. Besides the DJ, of course. 

At this point, the bride, very liquored up, declared we were going to Scores. Scores is a…. ahem… a gentlemen’s club. Now, even though I am a “City Girl” and have reached the worldly age of 30, I had never been to such a place. I am a good girl, see, and that night I was wearing a brand new, very classy black dress from Ann Taylor and a string of pearls and I was having a hard time picturing myself alongside naked boobies and leering clients clutching dollar bills. 

Apparently it is a common thing in our old city of residence for brides to go to strip clubs. Because no one even looked twice at our friend – and they even charged her the $5 cover.  

I will say that it was about what I expected. I was very uncomfortable, which maybe says a lot about my own insecurities and how I deal with nudity and male objectification and blah blah blah exploitation-cakes.  

But what surprised me about my reaction was that I felt really sorry for some of the patrons. We sat at the bar, separate from the performance area, but unfortunately had a perfect view inside the private dance area. Now I’ve seen Showgirls. So I knew what goes on behind that red velvet curtain. But seeing as how the curtain wasn’t closed, I got a refresher course. And it was like I couldn’t look away. (At least until the St. Louis Cardinals put in Scott Spezio, usually an outfielder, to pitch). 

In that private room were a bunch of guys (okay, three) who probably couldn’t get a girl. They looked awkward and desperately needy. One of them followed his dancer out of the room, holding her hand and engaged her in long conversation involving multiple hugs and nuzzles. It was obvious she was playing him for more cash and just as obvious that he was probably going to give it to her. In that situation, the woman seemed to have all the power. And he was just another $20 bill to her. It made me sad. 

When we left (for a Taco Bell run – something I hadn’t done in more than five years), my husband asked me what I thought. And I didn’t know what to tell him other than that I was very uncomfortable and that it was about what I expected but somehow different. 

I don’t think I want to repeat the experience.

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9 Responses to pearls on the stripper pole

  1. When I was at college, these girls in the dorm got a male stripper for their friends’ birthday. He was dressed like a cop, pretended to arrest her, and then did his whole act. I did not find it a turn-on AT ALL. I felt so embarrassed for him, I felt so ashamed of how stupid the other women were being, I just wanted him to stoppitrightnow please fortheloveofgod! So yeah. Different strokes for different folks. But going on your wedding day? That kinda puts the ass in class, don’t you think?

  2. Erin says:

    On her wedding day? Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow.

  3. dapbim says:

    I’m with Erin. Wow. And erm… Why?

  4. mommymartin says:

    You know what though? At least you’re classy enough that it bothers you to go someplace like that. It disturbs me to think that a woman would go to a place like that and on her wedding day, no less.

  5. Sarah says:

    Ooh! I’ll be the hussy in the room!!

    So, in college, I danced. I worked at the CLASSIEST place imaginable: a converted gas station. (Not long after I left, they finally built a real building.) And I was the one “quality girl” there. I made BOUCOUP money.

    But you saw the real story in there. While, yes, there are some girls who are wayward and in trouble and might possibly be being exploited.. it’s the patrons who get fleeced. They are pathetic, sad individuals, especially the regulars who frequent the bar. There were a lot of times when I felt bad taking their money, to be honest.

    I’m glad you went, even if you never go back. Every woman should know what REALLY happens in there.

  6. anony-mouse says:

    Cutting down on the drinking after college SEVERLY limits the amount of late night Taco Bell runs I make too!

  7. I don’t really think it is about class, but maybe more like an idea someone has when you are all too drunk to know better.

    That having been said, It is a depressing place. Full of lonely people who are looking for some sort of validation for their so-called-lives.

  8. Vixen says:

    Taco Bell runs become a lot less fun as you get older. For me they now consist of giving the youngest my keys and ATM card and telling her to get a bunch of stuff off the value menu when I realize its dinner time and I am too tired to cook.

  9. Jennie says:

    I just recently went to one for the first time. I went for a bachelorette party and I was there with three girlfriends, and you’re right, it’s basically what I expected and the more Bud Light I consumed, the less uncomfortable (but I desperately needed those Bud Lights). I do have to tell this story: the bachelorette was having a grand old time and she put a dollar in her mouth to pass to one of the, ahem, ladies, and the lady said to her, “That’s disgusting, you don’t put money in your mouth. Do you know where it’s been?” And my girlfriend handed her the dollar and sat down, a tad bit embarrassed. She turned to us and said, “I just got judged by a stripper.” We all got a good laugh from that.

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