Once upon a time I thought sleeping under the stars was romantic

Excuse me, my back is really sore and I have a crick in my neck and I’m going to be checking Angel Face for ring rashes for the next seven weeks because she woke up Sunday morning with a tick on her face and oh-my-holy-god it was the end of the world. For me. She didn’t even notice. 

Yes, we went camping. I slept on the ground (or an air mattress) and ate S’mores (really, the only reason to go camping) and felt my heart stop about 72 billion times as Angel Face strayed a little too close to the campfire. I coated my entire body with extra-strength DEET bug spray as soon as I got out of the shower on Saturday morning and I have no bug bites. Which is a miracle, because I have been known to get more than a dozen flea bites in a four-hour span in my own bed.  

I drank some pre-mixed cosmopolitans out of plastic cups and took Angel Face on five walks through the horse camp, during which she got to pet a horse, point at a horse, call a horse a doggie and eventually say “horse.”  I even spilled a little cosmo on a horse, shhhh, don’t tell the nice horse owner. Don’t worry; I wasn’t operating the stroller at the time.  

Overall, Angel Face was delighted to spend some quality time with her cousins, ages almost-14 and 11, who dote on her and carry her around and argue over who gets to push her in the stroller. But they also watch her for about 30 minutes and hand her off to mom or dad, exhorting about how EXHAUSTING it is to watch a toddler.  

She didn’t sleep or eat much, but she took care of both of those once we got back Sunday afternoon, inhaling two meals in three hours and taking another nap after sleeping the entire two hours home. So while Hubby’s sister was talking about going back in October, I think I’ll take a pass for now. I don’t want to have a sore back, stiff neck and frostbite. Though I suppose the ticks wouldn’t be as plentiful.

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6 Responses to Once upon a time I thought sleeping under the stars was romantic

  1. Erin says:

    Ted and I used to love going to outdoor music festivals. We made the trip to Tennessee several times. Camping out on a farm with no trees in July. It WAS fun. Now, I’d like to pass. I’m just not a fan of the sleeping outside. I love to be outside and I’ll stay out hiking all day and sit by a campfire for hours at night. But when the time comes to sleep, I want to be inside in a bed. And I do like a shower. The whole wiping myself down with baby wipes at said music festivals so as not to smell like a dirty hippie was just really not my thing.

    And s’mores are definitely the only reason to go camping!

  2. Erin says:

    Oh! I almost forgot to reveal my dorkiness….

    I loved reading about my darling niece learning what a horse was. While learning about brain development in grad school, we always talked about how children develop distinctions between things….and they almost always call horses “doggies” at first. Just cool to hear about her awesome brain development!

  3. Vixen says:

    Sounds like an awesome trip. Maybe I am old and crotchety, but the best sounding part to me was gettng to spill cosmos on a horse, lol

  4. Christina says:

    Good for you for giving it a try. Im SO over camping. Just the meal planning alone makes me say forget it everytime. Its just so much work. Glad your little one had a good time.

  5. mommymartin says:

    At least the baby girl got to have an adventure! Hopefully the tick won’t cause any problems.

  6. noodle says:

    I’m so not a camping type of girl, but if there were pre-mixed cosmos involved, I might change my mind. And, of course, S’mores.

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