protection mode

Mallory’s posts here and here got me thinking about something that happened to a friend of mine recently. She is a beautiful person, inside and out (even if she does like to make fun of wannabe gangstas with grillz in their mouths). She’s a heavier girl, but she is probably the healthiest person I know. She eats the food pyramid, religiously (except on her birthday, when she allows herself a juicy cheeseburger and fries, once a year). Her idea of splurging is “pizza Fridays” when she has a Lean Cuisine microwave pizza. She works out for an hour and a half every single day, including weight training and cardio. But she’s always going to be overweight. 

The governor of our state happens to work out at the same gym she does at the same time every day. He has started this Get Fit campaign, and one day, he saw her on the treadmill and gave her one of his Get Fit t-shirts. She thanked him, wondering what the hell she was going to do with a t-shirt when she had two more miles to go and then deadlifts to do after the treadmill.  But the insult came a few weeks later. Guv saw her on the treadmill again and told her how proud he was of her for sticking with it. Sticking with it? She’s been doing this for YEARS. YEARS. Her feelings were hurt. She wasn’t working out because he inspired her to. She was working out because it made her feel good, feel better about herself. And with his off-handed comment, which I’m sure he didn’t mean to be insulting, he took some of that away from her. And that just sucks.

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One Response to protection mode

  1. People are unbelievably stupid. It’s funny because the world is full of thin fat people. Fitness is hard to quantify, so doctors and stupid governors look at size or weight. I’m sorry for your friend. She should send him info from the Cooper institute.

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