Of faith and foolishness

So, we’re taking the plunge. 

We’re going on a mini-vacation, six-point-infinity hours in the car with an almost 18-month-old to get to that bastion of family entertainment, The Great Smoky Mountains. We leave Wednesday night. 

Hubby and I used to take the trip quite often. We find the mountains and an isolated little cabin surrounded by wildlife and trees very relaxing. We love to hike up the side of the mountain and eat lunch in the refreshing spray from a beautiful waterfall. We dream of spending idyllic mornings in Adirondack chairs on a huge front porch of aforementioned cabin, sipping coffee and watching two squirrels we nicknamed Fred and Wilma argue about the nut they just found. 

Back-to-life, back-to-reality…. I have a feeling that this vacation will be a little bit different. We’re going to Dollywood, for one thing. In the almost five years we’ve been making the trip to Tennessee, we’ve never set foot inside Dollywood. So that will be an adventure.  We are going to take a hike, but one with very little elevation gain and much shorter than the strenuous trips we used to take as a couple. Hopefully, Angel Face finds the Eddie Bauer backpack to her liking and will take a little snoozer. Hopefully, Smoky the Bear doesn’t see fit to make an appearance. That would be just our luck – we’ve been to the mountains a gazillion times and never seen a bear, and the first time will be when we’ve got a screaming toddler. Please watch the news for us. 

Sidenote: This morning, during our ritual counting before I run down the stairs with her in my arms (holding the banister, don’t worry Dad), I said “one” and Angel Face eagerly shouted “TWO!!!” and then, as we hurtled down the steps, “DEE!! DEE!!!” SHE CAN COUNT TO THREE!

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One Response to Of faith and foolishness

  1. noodle says:

    It sounds like a great vacation — I hope you have a blast!

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