Paying $25 to do something we could do down the street from our house

Yes, Mother’s Day was totally awesome. This picture was taken on Alternate Mother’s Day, but that’s a story for another day. We went to the zoo, where Angel Face got to point and wave and growl at all the animals and, to her intense and immense delight, PLAY ON THE PLAYGROUND.

She’s a little damp here because they had the water shooting up from the ground which at times intrigued, delighted, confused and shocked her. It’s a lot for a 17-month old to take in.
She’s starting to sing. She’ll sing as she walks along, or sing along with a song on the radio or sing to herself as we push her in the stroller. I’m not saying she’s going to enter American Idol anytime soon, but it’s a really cool development.
To her father’s great joy she has also started throwing balls in a rather strong forward motion, mostly so that the dogs will chase them. The toddler belly laughs after a dog picks up a ball she has tossed (or, better yet, grabs an about-to-be-thrown ball out of her little hand) are second-to-none.
As she grows more independent, my longing for another Angel Face becomes stronger. Many of the women who were pregnant at the same time I was (this weekend is the 2-year anniversary of us breaking the news to our families) are either pregnant again or (gulp) have another baby already!
Hubby and I have a new policy – he will not tell me when he hears of another woman’s pregnancy, and I will keep my mouth shut about how badly I want another one. Unless, of course, either of us has had more than two drinks, than all bets are off.
I know it doesn’t make financial sense for us to have another Angel Face right now. But my uterus and ovaries just seem to be telling me that they’re not done yet – they still have life! They have not fulfilled their purpose!

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One Response to Paying $25 to do something we could do down the street from our house

  1. Christina says:

    OH her sweetness kills me! I can understand wanting another one when she is so much fun.
    Have a great weekend.

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