bummer dude

I hate it when a perfectly promising day is ruined by a meaningless argument before I even leave the house for work. HATE.

I also hate it that I have to fly to LA next week for my brother’s wedding to Bridezilla (read about here and also here) and therefore miss my husband’s birthday and four whole days of Angel Face’s heartbreaking adorableness. And a relaxing holiday weekend.

So I’m just totally bummed out today and really wishing that it would be okay to have cocktail hour at work. Plus, after days of beautiful sunshine it’s suddenly grey (shut up, I like the British spelling better) and gloomy out.

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2 Responses to bummer dude

  1. Mallory says:

    How ’bout you have an early, impromptu, easy surprise party for hubby at a pizza bar or something? It can take the sting out of missing his real b-day and put you in a better mood for the wedding from hell. Your sweetie will be just as adorable when you return, I promise.

  2. It’s hard to do things you don’t want to do. It’s much easier to argue – at least you ahve some control over that!

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