Internet celebration required

I got on the scale Saturday morning. That is normal – I get on the scale in the morning most days. I haven’t wanted to mention the fact that through the last 16 months, I have wavered between 3 and 7 pounds above my pre-baby physique. I shouldn’t complain about that – many women would love to be that close to their pre-baby weight, I know. 

So I got on the scale. Then I got off it. Then I got back on, rubbed my eyes and did a little jig. The little lines indicated I was TWO POUNDS BELOW my pre-baby weight. It’s still three pounds more than my lowest first-and-second-trimester, morning-sickness, multiple-daily-vomitings-through-week-24 weight, but it’s LESS THAN I WEIGHED AT MY PRE-PREGNANCY VISIT! 

So I drank some margaritas and ate some ice cream. Yum. I haven’t been on the scale since. I’m sure it’s all ruined. 

But really, it’s not the pounds that have bothered me. It’s the shape of my body. Even though I am apparently in the same weight class as in April 2005, my clothes will apparently never fit right again. My boobs are nearly a full cup size smaller, and I was only a B cup before. When paired with the hips and the huge ass, I look more like a Weeble than a woman.  

I know it’s horrible and selfish, but sometimes I just want to mourn the nice figure I had before Angel Face. Just a little bit.

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2 Responses to Internet celebration required

  1. mizgee says:

    Congratulations!!! That’s great news!

  2. I love that you ate ice cream and drank margueritas – you are a gal after my own heart.

    I think we all mourn our body changing. There’s an entire industry set up to let us know exactly how wrong our bodies are and how “easy” it is to change them. I struggle with this… a lot. You are courageous to just put it out there.


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