Thank heaven for small favors

How am I supposed to compete with the third floor women in perfectly pressed designer pantsuits and kicky shoes when I can barely pull on a mostly-ironed linen sundress I bought at Old Navy in 2002 and there are bunches of chewed up Nutri-Grain bar in my hair? TELL ME HOW! 

At least chewed-up Nutri-Grain bars are mostly the same color as my hair.

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3 Responses to Thank heaven for small favors

  1. I bet your hair is much more nutritious than those biotches! Find an upscale resale shop and a good dry cleaner, or just console yourself that they probably have very empty lives and no one to give them very sticky wonderful kisses at the end of the day.

  2. I think that women who have THAT much time on their hands are sad. And used to be men. 🙂

  3. marlee says:

    At least you will have a snack if you get hungry 😉

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