April showers bring May weddings

So because I am masochistic, I volunteered to throw a shower for aforementioned Bridezilla. The shower is this weekend, in her city of residence, which happens to be three hours from my city of residence. Which wouldn’t be a problem because I have a husband to care for my toddler while I do party-stuff, right? 

Well, husband decided this would be a good weekend to visit a buddy who moved to Arizona FOUR YEARS AGO and whom he hasn’t seen in TWO YEARS. So, I will be doing the party-stuff and long-distance driving with toddler (and two beagles because the kennel had no space) in tow. Hopefully Angel Face is in an angelic mood. 

I went to go purchase a gift for Brother and Bridezilla, and the only place they are registered is Crate and Barrel and it’s all kitchen stuff, including a margarita set and martini glasses. They don’t drink. Another odd note – she registered for three flatwear settings (!!$30 each!!!). Three seems an odd number. Seriously, who registers for only three? Are they just having one person over for dinner EVER? It seems very odd.  On principle, I wanted to buy something that my brother would use, so the flatware quickly became my only option. Somebody else already bought the chip and dip. It just seems odd that there were only three. But that’s all they wanted, so that’s all they’re getting, I guess.

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7 Responses to April showers bring May weddings

  1. Maybe they didn’t understand the registration process. I only suggest that because I, myself, registered for 24 goblets. Because I’m moronic and can’t read. 🙂

  2. cpennell says:

    That is odd, I assume you saw them in person and they werent something like 4 settings per box?? Whatever, after the hose and sandals I souldnt be suprised. Good for you for taking the high road and throwing the party, I hope she knows what is good for her and thanks you like crazy., Im sure your brother will. Good luck with the baby and the puppies on the drive, maybe they will all nap 🙂

  3. Mallory says:

    Why does it always seem that men have a pressing engagement whenever toddler care is involved?! Would it be evil to suggest that Dimetap will make Angelface sleepy? Or maybe you could dose Bridezilla!

  4. dapbim says:

    My best friend turned into Bridezilla before her wedding last year. It was positively frightening…

    Why on earth would anybody list 3 settings? What a strange number…

  5. You are a saint to do it. I’m certain they will appreciate it – and if they don’t – at least you won’t feel guilty for not doing it.

    If she’s really Bridezilla – maybe she doesn’t have any friends?

  6. noodle says:

    My friend got married last summer and at one point, they were registered for an insane amount of stuff. Like, 100 glasses of various sorts. It was ridiculous!

    Good luck with the shower — I’m practically a professional bridal/baby shower host at this point.

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