Lessons learned

I really have a great life. I think I don’t acknowledge enough – to myself or to the people around me that make it so great. 

So, thanks, Husband, for putting up with my occasional pettiness and craziness. Thanks for bringing me strawberries and making me a turkey sandwich and for creating the mini-gator-chomp that makes our Angel Face giggle. Thanks for blowing bubbles on the front porch and for handling all the confrontational things that I’m too scared to deal with. I love you. 

Thanks, Boss, for giving me professional development opportunities even when I don’t recognize that’s what they are. Thanks for giving me the chance to lead and for pushing me out on my own even when it makes me nervous. Thanks for telling me when I do a good job. Thanks for telling me when I don’t. I appreciate you. 

Thanks, Co-workers, for keeping this a fun place to work. Thanks for working as a team, for the mutual respect and the laughs. Thanks for all the glasses of water after bouts of morning sickness. Thanks for the support. 

Thanks, Sister, for letting me vent and for listening to hours of Angel Face bragging. Thanks for being the one person I can turn to who knows me better – and longer – than anyone else. Thanks for laughing with me. Thanks for laughing at me. Thanks for calling me on the bullshit and agreeing with me even when I’m clearly nuts. 

Thanks, Parents, for giving me a great childhood and a great value system that I hope to pass on to my own kids. Thanks for loving us kids even after you stopped loving each other. Thanks for having the respect for each other to not ruin important events in our lives. Thanks for everything you ever gave up for us.  

Thanks, Brother, for teaching me that my way is not always the only way. Thanks for showing me that you can accomplish more than you thought you could. Thanks for demonstrating that what looks like a raw deal in life can be turned into, if not a positive, at least not a liability. Thanks for showing me that true happiness looks different to different people. 

Most of all, thanks, Angel Face, for the myriad of things I have learned from you. You are a miracle. Thanks also, for the snuggles and the kisses and the cries for me. Thanks for needing me. Thanks for showing me that the world is larger than myself. Thanks for your growing independence and how you’ve taught me that being the best at everything isn’t always what’s right. You have taught me so much, more than all my degrees and all my work experience and all the mentors I’ve had combined could teach me. I look forward to your lessons over the years. You are the best teacher of all.

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