Sing a new song unto the Lord…

We had our first church tantrum this morning. It didn’t really help that when I went through our offering envelopes I discovered that we hadn’t been to services since FEBRUARY. Everyone gave us the stink eye when Angel Face decided she couldn’t take it anymore and through herself, wailing, on the ground between the pews. 

Hubby hissed at me just to leave her. So I did. Thankfully it was during the closing song. And of course it didn’t stop everyone from saying how ADORABLE she is and so WELL-BEHAVED when we were trying to beat it out of there. Angel Face ate it up, passing out smiles like they grew on trees (trust me, they don’t) and saying “hi!” in her sweet-and-cuddly almost-a-whisper voice. 

That’s one problem I have with organized religion – everyone seems so fake. I mean OBVIOUSLY Angel Face was not well-behaved. She shouted “Baby” every time one of the other two youngsters her age came into site and she shrieked throughout the sermon. 

When I was growing up in the Catholic church, I remember sitting in what was called the “Cry Room” for every Mass until my younger brother was about four. In fact, my mother was astonished when I told her they had no such thing at the (non-Catholic) church we attend. The pastor told us something about making a joyful noise unto the Lord, I told Mom. 

Well, Angel Face’s noises are decidedly un-joyful. And while I appreciate the welcoming verbiage, I’d appreciate it more if it weren’t accompanied by the evil stares of most of our fellow congregants (who of course tell us how wonderful Angel Face is after service). 

I can take comfort in the fact that we are no longer the only parents of a young child. There were TWO other (girl!) children Angel Face’s age or younger, whose parents also had difficulty reigning in the exuberance of their youngsters.  

Hopefully, there will be safety in numbers.

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