we are pretty cool, but really…

Angel Face has suddenly decided that sleep is way overrated and compares extremely unfavorably to spending more time with MahME (emphasis hers) and Dada. If I weren’t so exhausted, I would probably find it sickly heartwarming. It’s adorable, really.  

Her dad and I alternate bathing and putting her to bed every night (only because I think he should experience the PURE JOY that comes from her last smile of the night – and also, I am tired sometimes too), which includes the customary bedtime story. For awhile there, she simply wanted to turn the pages of the books (BY HERSELF, DAMMIT) and point to things so we could identify them. 

I should also mention that we have two beagles that used to be the center of attention and now look at us with thinly-veiled disgust pretty much every waking moment. They like to walk around in the hallway and nudge doors open to see if anything fun (i.e., the consuming of goldfish crackers or other such snacks that will inevitably find their way to the floor) is going on. Seeing no such hijinks, they continue on to the next room, probably to sprawl out on a bed and sleep or maybe to puke on the furniture. Whichever. 

Anyhow, lately, the dog activity has begun to distract Angel Face. At the first movement of her bedroom door, she will squeal out the name of the parent who is not with her in the room. When that parent does not appear (because after all, it’s just a 35 pound beagle with a hankering for some toddler-gummed snacks), she is distraught. Inconsolable.  

She can generally be comforted within a few minutes, but the excitement of the POSSIBILITY of seeing MahME or Dada has just overwhelmed her heavy eyelids, and she will cry and wail when placed in the crib. I love that. 

Because I am a big pushover and CAN NOT BEAR to hear my sweet little Angel Face in ANY KIND OF DISTRESS, I generally give in and she stays up past my bedtime. I am a terrible mother who can not enforce rules or create boundaries and my child will be a self-absorbed, narcissistic brat who can not take “no” for an answer but sure knows how to say it. And possibly be a serial killer. Or someone who uses the phrase “doing God’s work” which really gives me the willies because how do you know you’re doing God’s work? 

But at least she will never feel like I abandoned her, right? 

I know. I’ll let her cry.

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