In which I bend him to my will…

Tell me if you think I overreacted. (I already know I’m manipulative, no need to break that news flash). 

Mimi: So, what’s your plan for the day?            Thinking – You have a day off in which to do nothing, lousy bastard. I have to go to WORK and SLAVE for our household (and my new car!!!). What’s your plan, slacker? 

Hubby: I think I’ll take the dog to the vet, give him a bath, come back, get the other dog, give her a bath, go buy a grill then ride the Harley for awhile. Can you pick Angel Face up at day care after work? 

Mimi: SILENCE.            Thinking – Wouldn’t it be nice to spend some time with your DAUGHTER? All you ever want to do is leave her in day care and don’t you feel bad that STRANGERS are raising our CHILD? 

Hubby: Can you do that or not? 

Mimi: Sure. (To child, happily shoveling oatmeal into her face) Angel Face, mommy will take you to the park later. 

Hubby: SIGHS. 

Mimi: Leaves to go to work without customary kiss goodbye. 

Passive-aggressive enough for you?

Editor’s note: Later in the day, I got a call from Hubby saying he was taking Angel Face to the park and I could meet them there when I got off work… Mimi always gets what she wants…

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One Response to In which I bend him to my will…

  1. brokenbaby says:

    I do that too. I’m working on being more openly agressive 🙂

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