Hello world!

Hello, world, is right. I’m here because I was inspired by Amalah and All and Sundry and Zoot. Also, Zoot told me to.

 I’m not sure yet about this whole public-private thing (or the policy at my job), so I’m going to stay pretty anonymous for now. But I will say this – Mimi was the nickname my little sister gave me when she couldn’t say my full name, I have an almost-15-month-old  little girl who rules my world and have been married to an all-around great guy for nearly five years.

 I’ve spent the last few days cleaning up vomit and diarrhea and all sorts of nonsense coming out of my sweet girl, including this morning at 2:45. It’s funny how I fished her out of diarrhea bath water last night, dried her off, drained and scrubbed the tub and didn’t even gag.

 I guess I love that kid.

 How’s that for a disgusting inaugural entry? I’m going to stop now because #1 no one is probably going to read this and #2 I want to see how pretty it looks!

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One Response to Hello world!

  1. kim says:

    I read it! And I didnt get grossed out which is a total sign that I’m a mom with my own disgusting children at home. hehe.

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